Part of the Family

As the world-class leader of evaporative media and portable evaporative cooling solutions for more than 30 years now, Portacool is proud of the world-class teams that serve as the foundation of our organization. Our customer service brings the family atmosphere we have in our company to customers all over the world, with a little bit of southern charm. How do they do that? Today we highlight an interview with several key team members.

What does a typical day look like for a member of the customer service team?

Customer service is all about communication and accessibility. We start the day ready to communicate with customers by phone, email, and our online chat feature. We provide information about our products, process orders, ensure that customer account information is accurate, take care of warranty requests, and problem solve anything else that may come our way. Customer Service is the place most people start, so we need to be well versed in all aspects of our company and products. Our team also collaborates with other departments and serves as a hub of information between the company and our customers.

What do you think makes Portacool a world-class customer service provider?

To say it briefly, our culture, our commitment to our customers, and the fact that we care. Portacool is a global company that is based in the small East Texas town of Center. Our company treats us like family, and we extend that to our customers. Our goal every day is to better serve our customers – being honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable to make sure they feel important and appreciated. We truly care about each and every customer and want everyone we interact with to leave feeling happy and valued.

What are the top questions you receive?

We receive all types of questions, but our main inquiries include how to service our products, where they can be purchased, and will evaporative coolers work for their application? We also help answer questions about shipment tracking, pricing information, and technical questions about usage.

Some specific frequently asked questions:

What do you think sets you apart from other customer service teams?

Our mindset. Being from a small town, we have small-town values, and we try to treat our customers as we would our friends and family. We work as a team – we have each other’s backs and are constantly trying to learn more, so we are prepared to serve our customers. We listen well, respond quickly, and have empathy and understanding. We also have a 0% turnover rate in our department, meaning customers get a knowledgeable and dedicated person every time they pick up the phone. On top of that, everyone at Portacool considers themselves a member of the Customer Service team – from sales to engineering, to marketing, to leadership.

What is the greatest strength of the Portacool customer service team?

Two things – first, is the level of experience we have as a department. We have team members that have been in the customer service department at Portacool since we opened our doors 30 years ago. They’ve watched it grow exponentially over the years and have trained the new members of the team to ensure our service always remains world-class.

Second, we are not only a team but a family. We care about each other and lift each other up both on the job and in life.