Portacool 30th Anniversary Spotlight – Elias Montecino


Founded in 1990, Portacool is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. To give you a view into what makes the leader in evaporative cooling tick, we’re spotlighting long-time employees and a few that have made a big impact in a short time to share their memories, experiences and perspectives during their time with the company.

Name: Elias Montecino

Role: Plastics Machine Operator

Years at Portacool: 14 years

What was Portacool like when you first started?
I thought back when I started we worked hard, but now we are producing so much more! Since we are selling so many more products, there are more people and more work to be done. I like it more now. If I could be here every day I would be here. I like the work I do and the people I work with, and of course, I like the extra money that comes with it.

What is your favorite thing about working at Portacool?
My favorite thing about working here is the machines on which I work. I would do anything that was asked of me, but I love working on the different machines. I feel pride when I do a good job. I always try to give a 110% each day. When I succeed at work, that shows my bosses something about me. I want them to know what a hard worker and good provider I am. If I don’t give this job my all, what good is it for anyone? This is something that feeds my family, that ensures we have the things we need and want. I love that this is a place that has allowed me to prove myself and care for those I care about the most.

How would you describe Portacool?
I feel comfortable and good coming to work. I honestly feel like my supervisors are happy with the work I do and that really means something to me. I don’t want to just work a job, I want to make a difference and to be proud of the work I am doing. I feel that way at Portacool.